I'm Hazel Joyce Obillo Inigo, 18, from Candon City, Ilocos Sur.

:) just like what i said sa TWITTER..

if you have to enter into my life to just leave afterwards, the please, can you just don't enter? because i hate the feeling of being heart broken again.

I'm not the kind type of girl, so don't mess with me. :)

I love and get hurt but i stand no matter what happens. sometimes, i cry but only for a while.

I get mad once in a while and i admit I get super violent.. but it's okay.. it's natural..

I once fell in love so deeply and ended up so broken, so, i once swear to never fall in love again but see, life's not life without love. and if love comes with pain, i would still take the risk. because that's what I am - A WOMAN OF RISKS!

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